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It was with the apparitions in Fatima (1917) the manufacture of religious items had the your home. In a region that is essentially rural, religious items came to bring a new life at populations around.
That's how people, and in particular in Sobral, started making rosaries from seeds of plants that existed in almost all the gardens. Thus was born the Farportugal. A small porch in the back of your House, António Henriques and their children began the production of thirds to sell in Fatima as well as across the country.
On your bike, António Henriques, broke with the production of a whole week, to sell in the churches from North to South of Portugal. It was in this small village and Mr. António Henriques which began the industry of religious items in Portugal.

A few years later, in 1971, one of his sons to continue the activity of your father, created the company Farportugal manufacturing exclusively thirds With the increasing number of pilgrims who traveled to Fatima, the garden accounts alone are no longer sufficient, forcing to use other raw materials. So it was that from very early, the Large Navy glassware dedicated themselves to produce marbles for thirds that even today is known as the third of the Navy.
The wood and plastic were other raw materials used since early times. Today are the grandchildren of Mr. António Henriques who take care of the company.
In addition to respecting the tradition of manufacture of thirds, always manual, the company extended your scope and set off for the manufacture of religious images, crucifixes, porcelain decoration, among the most significant. The export was the next step.
Today we are one of the largest companies in the country in this field, at Fatima we have a showroom where we welcome our customers from all over the world, we at Lourdes with permanent exhibition room and in Brazil we created Farbrasil in order to serve the whole Latin America. Our articles are scattered to the four corners of the world.